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New Wave and the 80*s

Whip it Good!

New Wave 80*s and Such
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

1. Post your application (this is a non-rating community, this is just so we can all get to know each other!)
*new app!*
name :
favorite colours :
date of birth :
favorite 80s bands :
favorite 80s cartoon :
favorite 80s Movie :
favorite 80s Quote or Slang Term :
and your picture(s) or description of yourself!

(the only big difference is I changed the limit to what you had to post)

2. Please Try to be nice! You can be mean only when appropriate!

3. Icon Sharing is aloud and encouraged. Please be kind and comment on anyone who posts icons and inform them when you are taking there art.

4. You ARE aloud to talk about non-80s-related topics! Just don't go overboard!

5. When posting pics on the main page PLEASE CONSIDER THE SIZE. If the pic is big (I'll alow you to use your own sense!) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLLEAASE! Use I LJ Cut, if you don't know how ask!

NO Community advertisments

Thats about it! Things here are pretty laid back so have fuuun!

<3 Kelsey!