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the essence - of music : Episode 25

the essence - of music: an Electronic/Synthetic Podcast
Episode 25 of

your synthetic electronic, EBM, Futurepop, New wave and Alternative Dance Podcast (at 192kb aac/mp4 !) is now available :

(Episodes 1-24 are still available (w/in itunes and on the web) as well )
Anyway thanks again for listening and all that good stuff :)

This is a rockin episode :)

p.s. thanks for all the feedback!

Playlist and Podcast Definition are below:

You do not need an ipod to listen to a podcast. It is simply a downloadable/portable radio/club mix. There is a web interface that lets you listen to the music/images from website itself (by clicking "listen"). Also if you use itunes, you can subscribe to the podcast, and it will auto-download each episode weekly for you. (There is a "subscribe" button on the podcast page). If you don't use itunes, any "podcast downloading" program such as Juice will work and will let you use your media player of choice.


New order – ceremony
Ascii disko – immer
Peaches – fuck the pain away
Revolting cocks – beers, steers and queers
Front 242 – animal (gate)
Terror punk syndicate – dysmorphia
Wumpscut – thorns
Qntal – ad mortem festinamus
Switchblade symphony – clown
Covenant – Bullet (club version)
Clan of xymox – going round ‘ 97
Franz Ferdinand –you’re the reason I’m leaving
Pzychobitch – caress (never trust rotersand rework)
Combichrist – blut royale
Grendel – social distortion
Angelspit – nurse grenade
NIN – get down, make love
Dead can dance – spider’s stratagem
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